Top 3 Arcade Centers to Visit in Asia


Planning to go on a trip but don’t have any idea where to go? Well, come and visit the beautiful countries in Asia! With each countries’ colorful and unique culture, you will definitely feel how wonderful the world is! Not only that, with Asia being famous in terms of arcade games, you would absolutely feel thrilled with their game zones. The following are just some of the arcade places you have to visit:


Club Sega (Japan)

This arcade area actually has several outlets around Tokyo and is one of the biggest franchises in terms of arcade amusement places in Japan. If you want to feel the best experience and have the greatest memories, head on to their Shinjuku location! They have over 200 machines there, and they even offer visitors to play unreleased trial games. Club Sega also has old and classic games such as Tekken and Street Fighter. This place also has claw machines and crane machines that you could win prizes on!


 Virtualand (Singapore)

In Singapore, this has got to be one of the most favorite places that arcade gamers go to. Around the country, there exist so many outlets of this arcade center, but the most recommended place is the Century Square outlet of Virtualand. Due to its cozy, and chill atmosphere, many people continually go there and have been a mainstay of Singaporean culture in terms of entertainment. In this outlet, there are so many fun selections of games such as air hockey, arcade-style brawlers, retro games, and modern games!


Timezone (Philippines)

This place may be one of the most popular arcade centers in the Philippines, especially those who like to go to Ayala malls. You don’t have to worry about your tokens being lost as they already have a card swiping system. It is also a very family-friendly place as most of the games are good for young children, teenagers, and adults. They offer classic arcade games such as machines with joysticks, buttons, basketball throwing games, air hockey, and other throwing games. They also have so many varieties of claw and cane machines that are updated every time with prizes from candies or bears, to gadgets such as smartphones or PSPs.


There is no place like arcade centers – full of possibilities and excitement. With all the machines that offer prizes and enjoyment, where else could you possibly wish to be? So head on now for an adventure and visit places like this even once in your lifetime!