Tips on How to Generate More Interest in Your Claw Machine Business


It is not a secret that as a business owner, one of the biggest concerns one could have is how to make interest bigger. This is no different with people who own a claw machine gaming business, as there is no certainty every time, especially with its customers and the pandemic situation we have right now. That’s why in this article, we are going to discuss the different tricks on how to entice people more in playing your claw machine.


Make sure that the machine is not rigged and customers are able to win!

Even though claw machines are designed to challenge customers in grabbing prizes such as stuffed animals and other toys, it is still a must that it is not too difficult to win as customers might lose their enjoyment and interest. With this, they may not be coming back again to play. The idea of making it so much challenging may be tempting as it helps in making a profit, but having it too deterring to play will make customers angry instead of happy. They might assume that they really don’t have chances to win so they won’t try again, and worse, tell it to other people. That’s why it is important to calibrate the claw machine with balance.


Fill the machine with popular and good quality prizes to attract customers.

 Always remember that the main draw of claw machines is the prizes a customer could get. That’s why if you want to persuade people to play with your machine, there should be a lot of prizes that are inside it. However, it is important first to think about your customers and where the business is located. If the claw machine is operating in a family-friendly resto or a kid’s place, then you can fill it with toys, plushies, or stuffed animals. However, if your claw machine is located in a place that is more adult-orientated, then you can put gadgets such as watches, cellphones, PSPs, or other techno-items. Make sure that you add more items in the long run so that there are new things that regular customers can win.


Take advantage of current events with themes

 You should use licensed merchandise such as Marvel or DC, popular sports teams, anime, or popular cartoon movies as themes in your claw machine. This gets people excited to play. Always keep in mind what are the possible themes next time to make everything fresh in the eyes of the customers.


Make your machine eye-catching with designs

Claw machines that are bigger, more colorful, more flashy, and modern are more pleasing to the eyes. This will make it easier to catch the attention of potential customers, especially if it is in a place that is prominent and has high foot traffic. That’s why Season Amusement offers a variety of claw machines. They have different high-end designs and styles that will make sure that you will be successful in your claw and arcade game business.