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Product customization


1.Lucky Star 

Lucky Star advocates creating a Disney-style home entertainment paradise, attaching importance to IP iteration, relying on technology, and creating a technological atmosphere. In order to get close to the customer’s brand image, we designed a machine logo with a mechanical claw,display the traditional claw machine claw in the form of technology. It can not only emphasize the gameplay of the machine, but also conform to the customer’s business philosophy.

custom claw machine


2.Care bears

Care bears has become one of the most popular cartoons in the world with the image of wisdom and bravery. The mainly colored of brand are blue, purple and pink. Customer chose the black case of Pink Dream Claw Machine with purple lighting. We change the top decoration and the overall sticker of the machine with cartoon image Care bears , so that the overall image of the machine is consistent with the animation brand.

custom claw machine



Timezone is the leading chain of Family Entertainment Centres in the Asia Pacific region, they have centers in different countries. To build brand recognition, they will require to add their logo in the machine, so we change the top part, control panel and the machine bottom to add their logo in.

custom claw machine


4.City of Sky

City of Sky, adhering to the principle of providing consumers with better games and leisure and entertainment projects, it continues to update products and services, and has won the favor of many consumers. Normally they will put all the prize game machines together to make a special area, require all machines with their logo and need to be the uniform color style with the site decoration, so it will attract eyes and many players see it at first sight, the prize area is the highes revenue

custom claw machine



Atmosphere Customization


Mysterious modern style

Cyberpunk style

Cartoon anime style

Noble luxury style

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