Pink Date

Pink date is our most popular claw crane machine, inspired by the Royal Princess style. Three sides of glass make the machine look like a shop window to better present prizes to attract players. Four – color customization would be achieved according to different customers and scenes.




popular pink date machines
Welght 210KG
Size W800*D860*H(1980+340)
Voltage 110V/220V
Power 260W
Player For 1 Player



How to play

1.Insert coin

2.Press button to move scissor forward

3.Release button to cut the string

4.Glass door will auto-open and players collect the prize

Machine Details

popular pink date machines

Stable cutting system makes player feel real

  • Industrial grade linear guide rail and stepper motor
  • 7075 aero aluminum and 304 stainless steel
  • High precision machine addition
  • High carbide cutting edge
  • It has ensured 210,000 times of trouble-free stable operation

Professional lights to present prize more magnificent and classier

  • Matching multi-angle spotlights
  • 1800K color temperature
  • 2500 lumens
  • Ultra-low color fading
  • Let the beautiful gifts become more dazzling, stimulate players to desire getting them
popular pink date machines


Optional prize

Pink Date can accommodate dolls of 1m-1.8m . The large space internal makes it not limited to only dolls, but also baggage, daily necessities, bicycles, home decorations, etc. 

popular pink date machines


Applicable location

Pink date is suitable for cinemas, amusement parks, game halls, Carnival stalls and other prosperous places. Different colors and styles can meet the needs of different scenes and regions. We are equipped with independent factories, extraordinary teams, appropriate prices and perfect after-sales service as well as a variety of claw toy machine for wholesale options.


popular pink date machines


Machine in Scene

Pink Date received highly reputation in France, Australia, Belgium, and Malaysia. The exquisite appearance and simple operation overturn the previous concept of gift machines, making it easier for players who is first time playing 



Customer case

Customers saw that the pink date toy claw machine was booming in the European market, so they were wondering whether it would become a new trend or not. Hence, they found Seasonprize, a supplier of the toy claw machines. In the beginning, they were confused about why every single product had a different price. We provided unique customized services to meet different requirements according to the different needs of customers. We are equipped with independent factories and advanced equipment as well as an extraordinary service team so that customers are increasingly inclined to choose us rather than other suppliers in such industry.

The first order is three sets of air transport. He received the product within one week, installed RM5 coin receiver (especially euro coins), and put it into use. After 14 days of market test, he began to order containers in bulk, and printed the company name on the cabinet, Widely promoted in the market, also believe in our professional ability, and try our other machines.

This is the advantage of the Seasonprize claw crane machine. According to the needs of customers, we can customize and meet different machines.Come and join us!




What can you customize?
1. Put your brand in machine top acrylic, control panel and machine bottom
2. Change machine & LED light color to match your site style



Production shipments

This product has a monthly output of 1,800 units and 8 production lines are fully developed. We use a wooden box structure for packaging to ensure the protection of machine during transportation


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