The Glorious Tricks: How to Beat the Unbeatable Claw Machine


Were there times you wished to destroy a claw machine because you can’t win even one prize? Well, don’t you worry, because in this article we are going to tackle the tips and tricks on how to beat the claw machine! With these methods, you will surely go home with a smile on your face.


Tip 1: Pick a claw machine that contains prizes that are packed tightly. This means that this machine has played on for a while now, so it’s easier to pick prizes as there is more space where the claw can go. In other words, look for prize pits that are more than halfway full.


If you see a pit where there are faced outward stuffed animal prizes and are tightly packed, this machine is probably very difficult to play. A claw machine that is half full means that there were people who already won prizes, indicating that they are not rigged.


Tip 2: Use claw machines that have a 3-pronged claws for a better chance of winning. These are easier to maneuver compared to 2-pronged and 4-pronged claws.


However, if there are only 4-pronged claws in the arcade area, always remember that it is best to grab around the chest area of the stuffed animal. Try to move the claw to position both above and below the arms, with its central part close to the high chest area of the stuffed toy, or close to its neck.


Tip 3: Study the person who plays the claw machine before you. Pay attention to how the claw machine operates, and if it is difficult to pick a prize using it.


For example, when the person who plays before you tries to pick up a stuffed toy, examine the looseness of the claw’s grip. If it has a very loose grip and doesn’t hold on to the toy really well, then look for another machine to play with. Additionally, see whether the claws move to the left or to the right when maneuvered up and down so that you can have a strategy when you’re the one playing.


Tip 4: Before inserting your coin into the machine, pick a prize you want to get first so that you won’t waste time in trying to decide which one you like. Remember that it is best to go for the prizes on the of the pile in the center of the claw machine pit. It is also easier to pick up angular objects such as stuffed toys, compared to rounder objects such as balls.


Note that the good machine is the way to go in winning in these kind of games. That’s why Season Amusement offers variety of arcade machines that are the best not only for business owners, but for players as well!