Old to Gold: The journey of old arcade machines


          Ever wonder what happens to old arcade machines? They say that as time runs by, a thing becomes more valuable. But is this true for these beloved games, too?

         Well, the answer is technically no. Most of the time they are just abandoned in buildings or warehouses, where they begin to rot. This has happened to most shooting galleries, ball-toss games, and various coin-operated machines from the ’70s, that were left behind and just now found by different explorers. Since most of the games are already trashed and destroyed, some of the worthwhile parts were just salvaged to be reused and recycled. Sadly, the remaining parts that can’t be used were dumped and forgotten.

          Some people love to collect and preserve arcade machines as a reminder of the retro days. The sad thing is that not everyone cherishes these machines, and for them, it was just business. However, if you have the dedication and passion in turning them into something new, then you are in for a treat.

          But a reminder: turning them into something that you can play or sell is a difficult thing to do. However, if you have basic handyman skills and an old computer, then you can transform them into something that is capable of playing nearly every arcade game using free PC software. Just buy a broken original machine on eBay, Amazon, or any nearby shops. You can sell it for a few years, even up to 5000$. Just follow these steps:


          Step 1 — Find an old arcade machine

          Step 2 — Repair the cabinet

          Step 3 — Figure out the controls

          Step 4 — Design your new control board

          Step 5— Install the controls

          Step 6 — Deal with the monitor

          Step 7 — Make all miscellaneous repairs to the cabinet

          Step 8 — Retheming

          Step 9 — Install the PC and the MAME software

          Step 10 — Turn on your new cabinet and play!


          For further information, you can visit this article entitled  “How to Turn an Old Arcade Machine Into a 5,000-Game Super-Machine — A Step By Step Guide,” where the author has explained all the steps in transforming old arcade machines.

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