Believe it or not, arcade games have benefits for me, Mom!


       Tired of your parents nagging you every time you go to the mall just to play arcade machines? Well, worry less, as this article will make them think differently about your favorite go-to game!

       There had been plenty of studies showing that even though physical exercise is important for children as they grow up, they also need another way to stimulate and work out their minds that only gaming can do. The following are some of the benefits arcade games bring:


It improves cognitive skills

       Most of the arcade machines boost children’s multi-tasking and decision-making skills due to tasks where they have to choose from choices just for a split second. The ability to decide is developed, especially under pressure. And we all know that in the professional world, you can’t really be decisive. So having the experience to make the best decision one can from gaming can develop you to be someone decisive in your future career.


It improves muscle memory and reflexes

       Playing arcade games can build muscle memory from using their controls such as joysticks or even those more complex ones. This can enhance the hand and eye coordination that is important in everyday skills, and also one’s reflexes that can save a person from accidents. Studies have also discovered that those who are gamers are better in motor skills compared to those who have no experience in arcade gaming.


It lessens anxiety and depression

       There are also studies that showed improvement in people who have mental health issues after they vent all their pent-up frustrations when playing arcade games. Games were also now innovated and transformed by health professionals into something that may reduce pain physically from people who have illnesses or wounds that are really severe.


It helps in reducing weight

        A balanced diet and exercise are still important to achieving one’s health and body goals, however, arcade gaming can make it easier for one to reach that! As we all know, there are times that boredom leads to unnecessary hunger, making one eat all their cravings at one go. But, this feeling can be prevented if one just gets out of the house and go to arcade game places as they will feel more mentally and physically engaged when they play.


       Just remember that everything is good but in moderation! So you may continue doing arcade games to get benefits from it, but just make sure that you do it healthily.